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This page contains information about the game Uru Prime, created by Cyan Worlds, Inc. The entries on this page contain information from the game perspective. For real life game info, please visit the FAQ.

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Transcripts of the character speeches in Uru Prime. The things that Characters say, including the endings.

Uru Prime Speech Transcripts

Transcripts of the journals, notebooks, notes, and letters found in Uru Prime.

Uru Journals

This page contains information about the Journey we take in Uru Prime

Uru Journey One

This page contains some of the Proverbs of Oorpah which we find in a book on our shelf in Relto.

Proverbs of Oorpah

The mysterious creatures whom we helped return to D'ni. We know very little about them, and it's hard to be sure even of what we think we know.

Bahro Caves
There appear to be two Bahro Caves that explorers have had access to so far, one from which we take the pillars, and the one to which we bring the pillars. The first cave is lit with blue light, and the second cave has a tawny orange light.

There is a large stone on a balcony overlooking the neighborhood on which a carving depicts the pillars being moved from one cave to the other cave. You can reach this balcony by using the Linking Stone which you find in the room in the first building in Gahreesen which also has the Maintainer helmet and the Maintainer Marks on the floor.

Cleft, The
The birthplace of Atrus, Yeesha's father, and the home where Anna (a.k.a. Ti'ana) raised him. The place where we begin our Journey in Uru.


According to the official web site of the DRC, "DRC stands for D'ni Restoration Council. It is an independent, informal group of individuals whose main purpose is to oversee the exploration and restoration of D'ni."

"The council is currently headed by Dr. Marie Sutherland, Dr. Ikuro Kodama, Victor Laxman, and Michael Engberg with Dr. Richard Watson as chair. There are also numerous volunteers who currently serve in support roles." (DRC site)

Seen to the right is a DRC stamp. If you see this stamp on a Linking Book, you can be sure that the DRC has deemed it to be safe to use.

Eder Gira
Eder Gira was one of the garden Ages of the D'ni. This Age has an active lava fissure, desert ground, waterfalls, pools and caves.

Eder Kemo
Eder Kemo was one of the garden Ages of the D'ni. This Age has a walled garden which is divided into sections containing different landscaping. There are pleasant gazebos, a fountain, and a pool containing fish.

Fissure, The
Our first experience with the Fissure is in Myst, when we use the Myst Linking Book which fell through the Fissure to Earth. After we complete our tasks in Riven, we fall through the Fissure ourselves, returning to Earth. In Uru the Fissure opens in our Relto after we have returned all the Bahro Pillars we collected, and it leads us once again to Earth.

The exact nature of the Fissure is unknown to us, but our experience shows that it forms a life-supporting bridge between Ages. For more information please see Richard Watson's letter about the Fissure. Letter

Gahreesen, sometimes called Garrison in English, is an Age that once belonged to the Guild of Maintainers. This is where explorers get their KI devices.

Great Lords
The Five Great Lords made up the highest body of D'ni government after the time of the Kings ended. They sat as part of the High Council, yet they were also a separate entity and often, where they deemed appropriate, acted without the High Council.

According to the DRC's notebook on King Kerath, the last D'ni King, in 6977 DE Kerath abdicated the throne and gave the power of the Kings to the first Five Lords in D'ni History. They were Lord Taeri of the Guild of Messengers, Lord Hemelah of the Guild of Healers, Lord Moleth of the Guild of Caterers, Lord Kedri of the Guild of Writers, and Lord Korenen of the Guild of Analysts. (King Kerath Notebook) *Editor's Note: by the time of the Fall, these Lords were called Great Lords, perhaps to distinguish them from others who held the title of Lord.

Great Zero
The Great Zero is a polar coordinate system for the Age in which it's located. It can be likened to the surface system of longitude and latitude.

The Great Zero in D'ni is atop the pinnacle of the island of Ae'gura in the main D'ni Cavern. A quote from the DRC's notebook on King Ri'neref explains how the Great Zero was established in D'ni. "As had always been the case with the Ronay, a group of surveyors was sent to D'ni before the group officially moved there, to establish the Great Zero and the line emanating from it. A monument was built on the Great Zero in the year 0 DE." * Editor's Note: Ronay is the name the D'ni called themselves when they lived on Garternay, their original home Age.

A footnote in the DRC notebook about King Ri'neref says, The Great Zero itself was usually based on a prominent natural landmark within an Age. From the Great Zero a line was drawn, usually toward Magnetic North, to aid in navigation, construction, etc.

In D'ni on December 8, 2003, Marie Sutherland said:It acts like a beacon of sorts. Everything is measured from that location.

For more information please see the DRC Org's (Great Zero) page.

Journey Cloth
A mysterious cloth with very unusual properties. We were instructed by Yeesha to find seven of these cloths in each Age we visited.

For more information about the Journey we take in Uru Prime, please see the Journey One page (Journey One)

Journey Door
A door found in the Ages of Eder Kemo, Gahreesen, Kadish Tolesa, and Teledahn that leads to tunnels with very unusual properties. Somehow we are linked from these tunnels to one of the two Bahro Caves.

Kadish Gallery
The Gallery is located on the island of Ae'gura in the D'ni Cavern. It is the home of some art work related to the mysteries of the Age of Kadish Tolesa and it's former owner, Guild Master Kadish.

Kadish, Guild Master
Guild Master Kadish was one of the richest men in D'ni before the Fall. He apparently died on Kadish Tolesa, one his personal Ages.

Found by the body was a letter written in the D'ni language. Translators are working to translate this into English, but the signature seems to be that of Guild Master Kadish. Here is a picture of the Letter.

Kadish Tolesa
An Age which once belonged to Guild Master Kadish. This Age is marked by the beauty of its purple mists and giant trees. It contains the ruins of one of Guild Master Kadish's treasure vaults, which became his tomb.

Pronounced like the word "key." A device worn on the hand that has many uses, including interage communication between explorers. KI's are available in the Gahreesen Age.

For more information please the KI notebook found in the Training Center in Gahreesen.(KI Notebook)

KI dispenser
This is the machine that dispenses KI's. At this time, the only KI dispensing machines found by explorers have been in the Gahreesen Age.

According to information obtained from the DRC, KI's may have various levels of functions available. Be sure to take advantage of any opportunity to upgrade your KI.

Linking Stone
Sometimes called a Bahro Linking Stone. A slab of stone with a cloth depicting a destination adhered to it. When you touch the picture, you link to the destination. These stones are hidden are in various places. The cloth on them seems similar to that in the Journey Cloths.

For more information please see the Linking Facts page. (Linking Facts)

Maintainer Markers Maintainer Mark
One of the functions of the Guild of Maintainers was to find a Great Zero in each of the D'ni Ages. They may have used one of these glowing lights, which they attached to a spike that was driven into the ground, to mark the spot where the Zero was.

In D'ni on December 8, 2003, Marie Sutherland of the DRC said: The maintainer markers were small reference markers for each age

Notice the Maintainer Guild symbol on the markers. It depicts an unblinking eye over an open book.

Many of the D'ni people lived in neighborhoods in the great Cavern. There is a link to a balcony overlooking one such neighborhood in Uru Prime. You can find a Bahro Linking Stone that will take you there in the room in the first building in Gahreesen which also has the helmet, and the maintainer zero marks lying on the floor.

Proverbs, Book of Proverbs
Each of the four Ages in the hydrant booksafes on Relto can be identified by matching the glyph on the booksafe to the glyph in the book of proverbs on the book shelf inside the hut. The book of proverbs tells us the names of the Ages, gives us a cryptic clue to understanding the nature of the Ages, and teaches us some D'ni numbers.

Our Age in the clouds, which Yeesha gave to us. Relto changes as we collect special pages left for us by Yeesha.

Relto pages
These are sometimes also called Yeesha pages, or treasure pages. When we click on them, these mysterious pages are added to our Relto book, and causes changes to our Age of Relto.

Seen to the right is the page found in the garden of Eder Kemo. This page brings beautiful decorations our Relto hut.

Sharper, Douglas
Though not a member of the DRC, Sharper did a massive amount of restoration work on the Age of Teledahn to bring it to a condition safe enough for visitors. Sharper also appears to have done a great deal of other work unknown to the DRC.

Also called the mushroom Age, Teledahn is a land characterized by huge mushroom-looking plants called shrooms. According to recent translations, the Age was written in the D'ni year 8990 for Lord Hinahsh of the Guild of Caterers. Teledahn had several owners, and was used for different purposes in its history. One of its claims to fame was an ingrediant for a culinary delicacy.

For more information see the Teledahn page.

An ancient D'ni word meaning home is the name by which Atrus, Catherine, and Yeesha called their home on the surface of earth.

The daughter, and third child, of Atrus and Catherine (a.k.a. Katran). Yeesha is a Writer of Ages unequaled in our knowledge. She starts us on a journey of discovery which leads us to the ruins of the ancient civilization of the D'ni, deep beneath the surface of our earth.

Seen here to the right, Yeesha shows us the new symbol of our future journeys.

Yeesha's Symbol
Yeesha's symbol is seen in many places. There are D'ni letters spelling Yeesha's name in the center. Pictures of a bird, which is also on the shirt she wears, might represent the "desert bird" in Catherine's dream, a term which Atrus applied to Yeesha in his letter to her. There are also pictures of open books and the spiral hand motif in the symbol.

Zandi, Elias
Elias ("Eli" to close friends) Zandi. A wealthy archaeologist who specialized in the southwestern United States. On March 19, 1988 Elias Zandi and John "Fighting Branch" Loftin made a short trip into D'ni made tunnels. They returned in 1989 and reached the ruined city of D'ni.

Please see this copy of a post written by Dr. Richard A. Watson at the DRC site for more detailed information. A little background on Zandi

Zandi, Jeff
Professor Jeff Zandi is the son of the late Elias Zandi, founder of the DRF. Jeff Zandi owns the land around The Cleft, and has helped some explorers find their way to D'ni.

Please see this copy of a post written by Dr. Richard A. Watson at the DRC site for more detailed information. A little background on Zandi

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