Kadish Gallery
The Gallery is located on the island of Ae'gura in the D'ni Cavern. It is the home of some art work related to the mysteries of the Age of Kadish Tolesa and it's former owner, Guild Master Kadish. According to the DRC, Kadish opened the Gallery as a store after his dismissal from the Guild of Writers.

Kadish, Master
Kadish was a Guild Master in the Guild of Writers, and a very experienced Writer and engineer. He wrote the Age of Kadish Tolesa in the 9390's DE. After his dismissal from the Guild of Writers, he opened an Art Gallery on Ae'gura in the Canyon area. He became one of the richest men in D'ni before the Fall.

Kadish apparently died on Kadish Tolesa. Found by the body was a letter written in the D'ni language. Translators are working to translate this into English, but the signature seems to be that of Guild Master Kadish. Here is a picture of the Letter.

Kadish Tolesa
An Age written by Guild Master Kadish in the 9390's DE. This Age is marked by the beauty of its purple mists and giant trees. It contains the ruins of one of Guild Master Kadish's treasure vaults, which became his tomb.

Kahlis, Grand Master
Aitrus' father. Grand Master Kahlis of the Guild of Surveyors. (BoT 131, 168)

Kedri, Great Lord
Lord Kedri of the Guild of Writers became one of the first Five Great Lords of D'ni in 6977, when King Kerath abdicated the throne and gave the power of the Kings to the Guilds. (King Kerath Notebook)

Kedri, King
Kedri was the 20th King of D'ni and one of the most beloved. He took the throne in 3654 DE at the age of 80, and died in 3903 at the age of 329.

For more historical information, please see the transcript of the official DRC King Kedri Monument Book. (Kedri Monument Book)

Kedri, Master
A Guild Master of the Guild of Legislators. (BoT 166) He first met Aitrus during the project of tunneling to the surface. They eventually became good friends.

Kemo, Eder Kemo
Eder Kemo was one of the garden Ages of the D'ni. This Age has a walled garden which is divided into sections containing different landscaping. There are pleasant gazebos, a fountain, and a pool containing fish.

Kenri, Grand Master
Grand Master of the Guild of Writers during King Shomat's reign. (Shomat Story)

Kerath, King
Kerath was the last King of D'ni. In his teenage years, he was banished to an underground desert by his uncle. He trained a large lizard and returned to D'ni on its back to take his place as King. (BoA 105) Kerath's coronation took place on Leevofo 27 of the D'ni year 6731. On Leevotar 17, 6977, after 246 years on the throne, Kerath appointed a council to rule D'ni, and voluntarily abdicated. For more information please see the DRC notebook on King Kerath. (King Kerath Notebook)

Kerath's Arch
A huge arch made of stone situated in the main D'ni Cavern on Earth. Atrus described it as made of undecorated blocks, each the size of a great mansion, the whole thing was ten blocks tall, and its entrance so big that you could quite easily have passed even the largest of the islands through it.

"All the D'ni kings sailed through the arch," Gehn said. "They would be sent to the southlands to be tutored in the arts of kingship, then, after a year, they would come here to be crowned, on the harbor front, before the Steward's House. A million citizens would watch the ceremony, and after there would be a whole month of feasting." (BoA 103-5)

Construction of the Arch was begun in 600 DE and completed in 625 DE, during the reign of King Ja'kreen. (Ja'kreen Monument Book)

A district in D'ni, named after the last King, Kerath, where boatmen, traders, innkeepers lived. A'Gaeris lived there after he was expelled from his Guild. (BoD 30)

Also known as Leira. She was a surface dweller from Earth who became Gehn's wife. Her people were called the Amad. She died giving birth to their son, Atrus. (BoA 1; Riven) Her picture hangs in a round frame on the wall of Gehn's bedroom on his 233rd Age. A recording of her can be seen in the small imager there.

The text of the inscription on this picture seems to say, "To Gehn my husband and my salvation. I dedicate myself to the love that rescued me."

Here are two letters which Richard Watson has written to the Riven Lyst concerning Keta.
Keta Letter One
Keta Letter Two

Pronounced like the word "key." A device worn on the hand that has many uses, including interage communication between explorers. KI's are available in the Gahreesen Age.

For more information please the KI notebook found in the Training Center in Gahreesen.(KI Notebook)

KI dispenser
This is the machine that dispenses KI's. At this time, the only KI dispensing machines found by explorers have been in the Gahreesen Age.

According to information obtained from the DRC, KI's may have various levels of functions available. Be sure to take advantage of any opportunity to upgrade your KI.

King, The Great King
1) When the Great King saw that the D'ni's former home was going to be destroyed, he established Earth as the D'ni's permanent home. The Great King is credited with having written numerous prophesies. (Cyan's Timeline) (See also The Book of D'ni Prophesies)

2) In 1323, during the initial stages of the Pento War, the first major enemy of D'ni, King Koreen and his family were attacked by the Pento and forced to flee. It is said that Koreen's son, Ahlsendar, was born under the Arch of Kings as the family's boat passed under it, fulfilling a prophesy written by Oorpah long before the D'ni came to earth. In 1352, Ahlsendar reclaimed the government of D'ni, and put an end to the Pento War. It was for ending the war and beginning a new way of life that the D'ni called Ahlsendar Great. (DRC Org)

3) It's not clear whether all mentions of a Great King refer to the same person.

King, Temple of the Great King
When Atrus and his company were trying to restore D'ni, they felt they had to destroy a very beautiful, but unstable, mosaic floor in the Guild House of the Guild of Ink Makers, because they couldn't afford the time, effort, and risk of saving it. When the floor was smashed, the hole beneath it was much deeper than it should have been. Down that hole they found a way into what they called the Temple of the Great King. Sealed within that Temple was a vast library of Descriptive Books, and in a separate sealed vault within the library, was a book room for the one very special Book, the Book of Terahnee. (BoT 97-112)

Kings of D'ni
There were 34 kings of D'ni from Ri'neref, the first, to Kerath, the last. The kings are listed in this Reference individually and on one page in the List of Kings. (List of Kings)

A private Age belonging to Aitrus' family. It had been written for his father, Kahlis, upon his promotion to Grand Master of the Guild of Surveyors. (BoT 155)

A man from Age 37 whom Gehn had made his acolyte and had named "One." (BoA 147)

The D'ni word for book. (Cyan's Art of Writing)

Korenen, Great Lord
Lord Korenen of the Guild of Analysts became one of the first Five Great Lords of D'ni in 6977, when King Kerath abdicated the throne and gave the power of the Kings to the Guilds. (King Kerath Notebook)

Korfah V'ja
A special ceremony to mark the Guild's acceptance of a masterwork Book. (BoT 156) Only 93 Books had been accepted into the guild's own canon before the great destruction, among them the Five Great Classic Ages of D'ni. The Words of Binding were a part of the ceremony, traditionally held on the classic age of Yakul. (BoT 157) Later, a larger ceremony was held in the Age itself. These ceremonies are said to have been somewhat on a par with our modern wedding receptions. (Cyan FAQ)

The D'ni word for a descriptive book, one that is written to describe an Age, providing the original link to that age.

The D'ni word for blank descriptive books, ready to be written in. (BoA 119)

A linking book, written with reference to a specific age that allows you to link to that age. You may have multiple linking books associated with one age. Usually smaller, more portable and convenient than the original Descriptive Book (kormahn), they are also easier to write. (Cyan's Art of Writing)

The island mansion home of Lord Rakeri and his son, Veovis. (BoT 147-8) It was located in the lake of the Great D'ni Cavern on Earth. (BoA 83) It became home to the adult Gehn after the Great Destruction. (BoA 86)

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