A new student of a guild who had graduated from the Academy. (BoT 167)

A cousin of Katran (Catherine), he was one of the Riven natives who saved Atrus from drowning in a pool of water. The account says he spoke the D'ni language. (BoA 224)

Cartographers, Guild of
The Guild of Cartographers were the official map makers of the D'ni. Members of the Guild worked with Master Geran of the Surveyors to design the main shaft of the tunnel to the surface of Earth. (BoT 39)

Caterer's, Guild of
One of the 18 major guilds of D'ni. Information on the exact duties of this guild is scarce, but we do know that they had Ages designed to produce food, which they imported into D'ni in great amounts. The Ages of Er'Duna and Er'Jerah were two of their food producing guild Ages. (BoT 41) We also have one documented account of the guild catering a large official ceremony. (BoT 48)

Cavern, The D'ni Cavern
(quoted from the official site of the DRC) "For thousands of years, the D'ni thrived in this underground cavern. Their Linking technology allowed them to travel to other places, which they called Ages. In addition to limitless exploration, the D'ni could also import resources that the cavern itself did not supply. With a few exceptions, the D'ni lived peacefully in this cavern for over nine thousand years. However, over two hundred years ago their civilization suffered a catastrophic event when a group of renegades unleashed a virulent plague. The plague spread throughout the cavern and into as many Ages as the renegades could find, nearly wiping out the D'ni race. This event is known as the Fall of D'ni. In recent years, we at the DRC have been working to begin the restoration of D'ni. Much progress has been made in making the Cavern habitable again, but it is unlikely that the cavern will ever be completely restored to the condition it was in prior to the Fall."

Cells of Entry
The small plain cells beyond the Gate of Traitors in which the Prison Age Books were kept which housed the worst criminals of D'ni.(BoT 254-5)

Circle, Day of The
According to documents translated thus far, it appears that the Day of the Circle marked the completion of the eighteen guilds here on earth. (Cyan)

City Guard
Though we don't know much about them, the few mentions of the City Guard seem to indicate that they were the police force of the D'ni on Earth. They are said to have had the job of keeping the traffic flowing down the tunnels during the expedition to the surface of Earth. (BoT 46)

When Aitrus accused Veovis of wrongdoing, a unit of the City Guard was sent to make a search of the house in the J'Taeri District for evidence. (BoT 228) And on page 229 of the Book of Ti'ana it says the men from both the City Guard and the Guild of Maintainers were on K'veer which seems to indicate that the City Guard was a separate police force, but probably under the control of the Guild of Maintainers.

Two members of the City Guard were chained to Veovis day and night after his second conviction, while they were preparing the prison age which was to contain him for the rest of his life. (BoT 285)

Classic Age
There were Five Great Classic Ages, ancient and beautiful, made by the greatest of D'ni's Writers. The one written by Master Talashar was desecrated during Veovis' terrorist attacks against the D'ni. (BoT 157, 253-4)

Common Library
The place where the Descriptive Books the common people could use to visit an Age were housed.

Atrus and Gehn found blank books, "Kortee'nea," after The Fall in the Common Library in the J'Taeri district. (BoA 114, 119)

Common Schools
In the official DRC King Mararon Monument book, we learn that the D'ni had Common Schools for the education of those outside the guilds. It was apparently during the reign of King Mararon that minor guilds for the higher education of the common people were established, and better standards for the Common Schools were implemented.

Quote from the DRC King Mararon book: "Mararon, following suggestions within the paper, placed the Common Schools under the Guild of Legislators and began major renovations of that system, including higher standards for instructors and longer workdays[.] Mararon also raised the time in the Common Schools from six years (age 10 to 16) to fifteen years (age 5 to 20). From there instead of entering back into society, as had been the case, students could enter one of the new Minor Guilds that had been proposed by Ti Lanar, and accepted by Maracon." (Mararon)

The matching of world and place in writing an Age allowed one to link anywhere in time.

"These Ages are worlds that do exist, or have existed, or shall. Providing the description fits, there is no limitation of time and space. The link is made regardless." (Passed from Aitrus to Anna to Atrus) (BoD 39)

An orphan of the lower alleys, A'Gaeris "adopted" him as a child. (Bot 212, 213)

The Government of D'ni was comprised of the Council, the High Council, and the Five Great Lords, all members of the 18 major Guilds. At the head of the government were the Five Great Lords, men who had each served as the Grand Masters of their Guilds. These Five also sat upon the High Council, which included all the current Grand Masters from each of the 18 major Guilds. (BoT 113) All 23 members of the High Council also belonged to the largest group, the Council, which was comprised of Guild Masters elected to the honor by other members of their Guilds. Altogether the Council had more than 360 members. (BoT 93, 198)

A cycler was a big spiderlike machine used by the D'ni to make tunnels in the rock. It cuts a giant ring from the rock surrounding a central borehole. (BoT 17)

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