Eldest son of Atrus and Catherine. (MYST) (see also Atrus' Family Tree)

Actors, Guild of
One of the many minor guilds of D'ni. In 2488 DE, King Naygen split up the former Major Guild of Fine Artists into the Minor Guilds of Sculptors, Artists, Actors, and Musicians. The split was to encourage growth in the arts. (King Naygen Notebook)

Ader Jamet
Veovis' own Age, the product of 16 years work, which was inducted into the canon of the Guild of Writers. (BoT 157) (see also Reference entry "Korfah V'ja")

Sometimes called Philosopher. Mastermind of the destruction of the D'ni, he had been expelled from the Guild for suspected fraud in connection with a missing book. (BoT 199, 210, 212) Stripped of his guild membership, his marriage to a young woman was apparently also called off. For fifty years he planned his revenge. He wanted to destroy D'ni, all of D'ni, as he perceived they had tried to destroy him. (BoT 272) A talented forger, this skill figured in his plot. (BoT 212-3) (physical description, BoT 210)

Ae'Gura, The Island
The ancients called it Ae'Gura, but by the time of the Fall, contemporaries called it The Island. It is 350 spans high, over a mile by surface measurements. Situated in the water in the main D'ni cavern on Earth. (BoT 124)

In modern day it has become common among DRC workers in the caverns to refer to Ae'gura as "the city." The City on the cavern wall is then referred to as The City Proper."

Age, D'ni Ages
This term refers to the worlds that the D'ni would connect to by writing Descriptive Books. Please see thLinking Facts page for more detailed information.

Only the oldest, most influential families possessed their own Private Ages, which only they and their guests visited. The Guilds each had their own Ages that could be visited by Guild members, and some that were used as sources of raw materials for their work. The common people of D'ni had access to the Common Ages that were kept at the Common Library and carefully maintained for safety by the Guilds. (BoT 41, 155; BoA 113-114)

There were only 93 Masterwork Ages in the D'ni canon, among them the Five Great Classic Ages of D'ni. (BoT 156-157)

Age of Lords
The time in D'ni history, from the abdication of King Kerath in 6977 DE until The Fall, during which D'ni was ruled by the Five Great Lords and the Councils rather than by a King.

Ahlsendar, King
The Great King. Ahlsendar was born in 1323 during the initial stages of the Pento War. He came to the throne of D'ni in the year 1352. He ended the Pento War, ushered in a new way of life, and was called Great by his people. It is said his birth fulfilled a prophesy of Oorpah made before the D'ni came to Earth from Garternay. For more information please see the DRC information on King Ahlsendar. (King Ahlsendar)

The D'ni word for outworlder, a person not of D'ni or Terahnee blood, who lived on one of the Ages to which the D'ni and Terahnee linked. (BoD 33) It was falsely believed that book-worlders could not write Ages. (BoD 200)

Also called "heek" by modern explorers. A D'ni game discovered by the restoration engineers. This game is played on a special table with built-in imagers. The game is a variety of "rock, paper, scissors." The elements are Beetle, Book, and Pen. Beetle beats Pen, Pen beats Book, Book beats Beetle. Up to five people can play at one table.

Please see the DRC Org's site for rules of the game. (Ahyoheek Rules)

(quote from the DRC site) "NOTE: Please do not Link while sitting at the table. Engineers have found that Linking disturbs the KI sensor in the table and causes the game to malfunction. It was also considered rude by the D'ni."

Ailesh, King
King Ailesh was the first Grand Master of the D'ni Writer's Guild. He became the second King of D'ni in the year 120 DE at the age of 170 as King Ri'neref's successor. He died of natural causes at the age of 350, and was succeeded by his third son. For more information please see the DRC notebook on King Ailesh. (Ailesh Notebook)

Aitrus, Master
Son of Grand Master Kahlis. Aitrus was a Master of the Guild of Surveryors, and a member of the Council. He married the surface dweller, Anna, also known as Ti'ana. They had a son named Gehn. Atrus was exposed to the plague during the terrible events which preceded the Fall of D'ni, but before he succumbed to it, he mapped out the way to the surface so that his wife and son could find their way to safety, and tricked the evil A'Gaeris into following him into an Age he'd altered to be an inferno, giving what was left of his life to save his family.

Amanjira, Lord
The man in the city of Tadjinar on the surface of Earth for whom Anna's father made surveys of the desert. (BoT 73)

Ancam Age
One of the Ages written by Atrus. For more information please see the excerpt from Atrus' Ancam Age journal. (Ancam Age)

A surface dweller who found her way down into the realm of the D'ni. Mother of Gehn, grandmother of Atrus. For further information, please see the entry under Ti'ana.

It was the D'ni custom to apprentice young boys to a Guild for instruction. The apprentice took an oath and became a guildsman. (BoT 243) He was then instructed at the Guild's College.

Arch of Kings
The Arch of Kings, later renamed Kerath's Arch, was a duplicate of the original Arch on Garternay. Construction on the Arch began under King Ja'kreen in 600 DE and was completed in 625 DE. Thereafter it was the custom for all Kings to sail under the Arch when they came to take the throne.

Architecture, Guild of
The Minor Guild of Architecture was established during the reign of King Mararon circa 1124 DE. A paper called "Minor Guilds," written by Ti Lanar of the Guild of Legislators, convinced King Mararon to institute minor guilds for the good of the D'ni people. The Guild of Architecture was one of the first of these guilds to be established. It was a branch of the Guild of Stone Masons, a major guild.

Art, The Art, (reh-gehs-TOY)
The mastery of the Art of writing Ages. (see Cyan's FAQ for more information)

This is such an important and immense subject that I have prepared a separate page to gather information pertaining to it. For more information about Linking and The Art of Writing Ages, please see my Linking Facts page.

Artists, Guild of
One of the many minor guilds of D'ni. In 2488 DE, King Naygen split up the former Major Guild of Fine Artists into the Minor Guilds of Sculptors, Artists, Actors, and Musicians. The split was to encourage growth in the arts. (King Naygen Notebook)

The first great Writer of the Guild of Writers. (BoT 157)

Atrus Atrus
Son of Gehn and grandson of Aitrus. Raised by his grandmother Anna (Ti'ana). At 14 years old, he was claimed by his father and taken down into the ruins of D'ni. Married Catherine on Leevosahn 13, 9431. Atrus became a very talented writer of Ages.

(see also Atrus' Family Tree)

Asemlef, King
One of the Kings of D'ni. Asemlef became King in 5999 DE at the age of 54. He died in 6284 DE at the age of 339, leaving the throne to his third (and youngest) son. For more information please see the DRC notebook on King Asemlef. (Asemlef Notebook)

Only son of King Me'emen. Ashem died in 5540 DE* of a disease he apparently contracted during his work for the Guild of Healers. A year after his death, King Me'emen changed the name of the Uran district to Ashem'en in his son's honor.

In 5541 DE, King Me'emen changed the name of the industrial district Uran to Ashem'en in honor of his son who had died a year earlier of a disease contracted on one of the Ages. The district had been constructed to insure a greater amount of safety when dealing with travel to and from other Ages, and the importation of goods. It began operation in the year 5500 DE. (King Me'emen Notebook)

Authorized Explorers
Those explorers authorized by the DRC to aid them in exploring D'ni. (DRC site) The first authorized explorers began to appear in D'ni on March 21, 2002, according to the DRC, although earlier visitors have been mentioned. (DRC site)

An Age written by Atrus where he and Catherine recruited some young people to help them to access D'ni. The elders of Averone agreed to allow the young people to go with Atrus and help with the rebuilding of D'ni, provided they returned often to teach the Averonese children what they had learned. (BoD 15, 22-3, 311)

Averone is the birthplace of Marrim and others familiar to students of D'ni history.

Avonis, Master
A master of the Guild of Healers who was a part of the expedition to the surface of Earth. (BoT 26)

* approximate

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