Taeri, Lord
Lord Taeri of the Guild of Messengers became one of the first Five Great Lords of D'ni in 6977, when King Kerath abdicated the throne and gave the power of the Kings to the Guilds. (King Kerath Notebook)

A D'ni word meaning "fire." (RAWA)

Talashar, Master
Author of one of the five great "classic" Ages of the D'ni. His Age was desecrated by Veovis and A'Gaeris during their acts of terrorism. (BoT 253-4)

A guildsman of the Guild of Stonemasons at the time of the destruction of D'ni. (BoD 67)

A young engineer, probably a guildsman of the Surveyors, a member of the expedition to the surface of Earth. (BoT 26)

A D'ni author who wrote "The First Five" in 7000 DE. (King Kerath Notebook)

Wife of Kahlis, mother of Aitrus, grandmother of Gehn, great grandmother of Atrus. She died of the plague on the Age of Gemedet just after the fall of D'ni. (BoT 306) (see also Atrus' Family Tree)

The Age that Katran, a.k.a. Catherine, wife of Atrus, wrote for the Rivenese people when their own Age was dying. Katran used the Descriptive Book of one of Gehn's failed Ages, because she had no blank Books available.

A D'ni language suffix which makes a word plural. (RAWA)
Example, "kor" means book, and "kortee" means books.

Tejara, Master
A Master of the Guild of Messengers. (BoT 12)

A guildsman, possibly a Master, of the Guild of Archivists. (BoT 196)

Telanis, Master
Master of the Guild of Surveryors, he was leader of the expedition to the surface of Earth until the end stages. (BoT 4, 46)

Also called the mushroom Age, Teledahn is a land characterized by huge mushroom-looking plants called shrooms. According to recent translations, the Age was written in the D'ni year 8990 by Grand Master Mararon for his good friend and fellow High Council member Lord Hinahsh, Grand Master of the Guild of Caterers. Teledahn had several owners, and was used for different purposes in its history. One of its claims to fame was an ingrediant for a culinary delicacy.

See also the Teledahn page. (Teledahn)

Referred to as the great burial Age. (BoT 35)

A D'ni word meaning "tree." (RAWA)

1) A D'ni word meaning "a new tree." Derived from "ter" meaning "tree" (as in "Terokh Jeruth" meaning "Tree of Possibility") and "nee" meaning "new, fresh, clean" (as in "kortee'nea" meaning "blank (new) books"). (RAWA)

2) The Age of Terahnee, the Descriptive Book of which was found in D'ni after the Fall. (BoD 110)

According to information found by the DRC, the people of Terahnee had a common origin with the people of D'ni. Both came from the Age of Garternay, and were once one people who called themselves the Ronay.

Terokh Jeruth
The great tree of possibility.

A D'ni word meaning "group." (RAWA)

(1)The word ti'ana means "story-teller" in the D'ni language.

(2)The name given to the surface dweller, Anna, by Aitrus after she had taught him the mythology of the surface dwellers. (BoT 185) As a young woman, Anna found the remains of a D'ni tunnel and followed it until she was captured by maintainers. She was imprisoned in D'ni and learned to speak their language while members of the Guild of Linguists tried to learn hers. She married a D'ni man named Aitrus, had a son named Gehn, and was eventually granted D'ni citizenship. (BoT 238)

She survived the destruction of D'ni largely thanks to the self-sacrifice, hard work, and brilliant thinking of her husband. She took their son to the surface of Earth, caring for him until he ran away at age 14. Later she raised her grandson, Atrus, until his father claimed him when the boy was 14. She followed them down into D'ni, and apparently lived there hidden from both for 3 1/2 years, until she had to intervene in her grandson's behalf. She worked with Catherine (Katran) to imprison her insane son in Riven, and took up dwelling with her grandson and Catherine in the Age of Myst, which she and Catherine had written. (see also Atrus' Family Tree)

Ti Lanar
A Guild Master of the Guild of Legislators. In 1124 DE he published a paper entitled "Minor Guilds," wherein he advocated the improvement of education for the common people of D'ni, and the creation of Minor Guilds. The first of these minor guilds to be established by King Mararon included the Guild of Architecture (a branch of the Guild of Stone Masons), and the Guilds of Miners, Educators, and Bankers. (King Mararon Monument Book)

A good explanation of D'ni Timekeeping can be found on the official DRC Organization's web site in their D'ni Essentials section under the Culture heading. (D'ni Essentials)

1) A D'ni word meaning home.

2) The place where Atrus and his family lived after the events in the Book of D'ni took place. (BoD 318) In Uru: Ages Beyond Myst we learn that this was on the surface of our earth, near the Cleft in the American Southwest.

A unit of D'ni measurement. One toran equals approximately 0.00576 degrees. (BoT 10)

Tree, The
The Tree was one of the old cults of Yahvo which had mostly vanished before the death of King Asemlef in 6284 DE. (King Asemlef Notebook)

The Place of Poisoned Waters. (BoA 105)

Trisari was a Prophetess in the time of King Me'emen and helped him to deal with the loss of his only son, Ashem. (King Me'emen Notebook)

Tulla, Lord
Spoken of as being on the Council (BoT 18), and mentioned as one of the Five Great Lords of the D'ni at the time of the capping ceremony for the passage to the surface. (BoT 50) Later, (BoT 93) it says that Lord Eneah had taken his place as head of the Council, as if he'd died.

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