The D'ni word for beast. (BoD 199)

A compound word comprised of the words bah (beast) and ro (people). See also ahrotahntee.

The Terahnee used this word, translated as "beast-people", to refer to the outsiders, people found in Ages they wrote, whom they had cruelly enslaved. (BoD 198-201)

D'ni records refer to bahro, or ahrotahntee, as "the least" in their class-based social system. (Class System Notebook)

Yeesha refers to beings whom she calls Bahro. There appear to be Bahro currently living in the D'ni Cavern. Explorers know very little about these creatures.

Bahro Caves
There appear to be two Bahro Caves that explorers have had access to so far, one from which we take the pillars, and the one to which we bring the pillars. The first cave is lit with blue light, and the second cave has a tawny orange light.

There is a large stone on a balcony overlooking the neighborhood on which a carving depicts the pillars being moved from one cave to the other cave. You can reach this balcony by using the Linking Stone which you find in the room in the first building in Gahreesen which also has the Maintainer helmet and the Maintainer Marks on the floor.

Bahro Linking Stone
Sometimes called a Linking Stone. A slab of stone with a cloth depicting a destination adhered to it. When you touch the picture, you link to the destination. These stones are hidden are in various places. The cloth on them seems similar to that in the Journey Cloths.

For more information please see the Linking Facts page. (Linking Facts)

Bankers, Guild of
The Minor Guild of Bankers was established during the reign of King Mararon circa 1124 DE. A paper called "Minor Guilds," written by Ti Lanar of the Guild of Legislators, convinced King Mararon to institute minor guilds for the good of the D'ni people. The Guild of Bankers was among the first of these guilds to be established.

For more information please see the official DRC King Mararon Monument Book.(Mararon)

The D'ni name for the Lechuguilla plant, a type of Agave that grows in certain places in the American southwest and Mexico.

Lechuguilla is also the name for a huge cave about five miles from the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. It is the deepest cave in the United States. Nearly 100 miles of it have explored and mapped, and still there is more no one has seen. It is full of natural wonders of extraordinary beauty.

The Great Bell of D'ni was located on Ae'Gura. It was rung only on the death of one of the Five Great Lords, or when D'ni itself was in danger. (BoT 240, 288)

Apparently smaller bells rung out each hour of every day in D'ni. (BoT 303)

Behnashiren, King
Behnashiren was the 12th King of D'ni. He died of a terrible plague that afflicted the D'ni for years.

For more information please see the DRC website page about the finding of the lost Book written by Birenni. (Birenni).

A D'ni author, Besharen wrote "Revealing the Unseen," about the D'ni group known as the Relyimah, in 5999 DE.

The first neighborhood opened by the DRC in D'ni. (DRC site)

Birenni, the lost books of
Upon their arrival on Earth, a number of books written by one of the D'ni's greatest writers were tragically lost. They were found again, nearly two thousand years later on Leevobro 12 in the year Year 2262, to the great joy of the people. (Cyan FAQ)

For more information please see the Birenni page at the DRC website. (Birenni)

Black Ships
The people of the Black Ships were a particularly vicious and predatory society of beings who inhabited the Mechanical Age. (Myst CD-ROM)

Blood of Yahvo
A D'ni cult whose actions were often violent and lethal. In 4865 DE they kidnapped and murdered the son of King Yableshan. It is believed that some of their members infiltrated the Relyimah, disabling that group's ability to protect D'ni.

The D'ni appear to have been an extremely literate society. Books of all kinds seem to have been plentiful, but frequently mention of a "Book" refers to special volumes related to The Art of writing Ages. For further information, please see the entries under "kormahn," "kortee'nea," and "korvahkh."

Bowing was a customary sign of respect towards those in higher station. (BoT 167)

Burial Customs
We have only a few references to burial customs among the D'ni. A ceremony seems to have been common, and words of sorrow, parting and expressions faith were said on such occasions. When one of the Five Great Lords died, the great bell of D'ni was rung.

In the first instance mentioned, the unfortunate Efanis has died on the expedition to the surface. There is a ceremony to mark his passage and his body is linked into "the great burial Age of Te'Negamiris." (BoT 35)

There are some references to people being buried in the ground, when that was the most expedient means of burial. (BoT 298-9, 308)

Dr. Richard Watson, noted D'ni historian, has said that there was a minor guild of burial Age caretakers who specialized in taking care of the burial of the deceased. No name has yet been found for this minor guild. (RAWA)

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