A D'ni author. He wrote "The Line of Kerah" in 6985 DE. (King Asemlef Notebook)

A D'ni painter who lived from 2840-3123 DE. A copy of Fahlee's portrait of "The Great King" is found on the DRC site.

Fall, The
The Fall of D'ni. More than two hundred years ago a small group of criminals, including A'Gaeris, Suahrnir, and Lord Veovis, made a series of terrorist attacks against D'ni. In a final stroke, they unleashed a deadly plague which they spread throughout the entire cavern system and into as many Ages as they could find. A series of earthquakes, perhaps triggered by the explosions, left the D'ni city in ruins. There were only a comparatively few survivors in uncontaminated Ages. (BoT 275, 288-290, 303)

Faresh, Grand Master
In 5043 Faresh was made Grand Master of the Minor Guild of Illusionists by King Yableshan and ordered to investigate the Relyimah. On a private island in the D'ni Cavern, Faresh built a house which showed his love for illusions.

Spoken of as one of those present when Veovis, Suarhrnir, and Aitrus were talking of the passage to the surface. (BoT 85-6)

Fine Artists, Guild of
In 2488 DE, King Naygen appointed the Guild of Minors as a Major Guild, replacing the Guild of Fine Artists, which he split up into the Minor Guilds of Sculptors, Artists, Actors, and Musicians. The split was to encourage growth in both mining and the arts. (King Naygen Notebook)

Fissure, The
Our first experience with the Fissure is in Myst, when we use the Myst Linking Book which fell through the Fissure to Earth. After we complete our tasks in Riven, we fall through the Fissure ourselves, returning to Earth. In Uru the Fissure opens in our Relto after we have returned all the Bahro Pillars we collected, and it leads us once again to Earth.

The exact nature of the Fissure is unknown to us, but our experience shows that it forms a life-supporting bridge between Ages. For more information please see Richard Watson's letter about the Fissure. Letter

Five Great Lords, The
From 6977 DE, when King Kerath abdicated the throne, the Five Great Lords made up the highest body of D'ni government. They sat as part of the High Council, yet they were also a separate entity and often, where they deemed appropriate, acted without the High Council.

We have no information about how the Great Lords were selected, but we do know that they each had been Grand Master of one of the 18 major Guilds, and thus a member of the High Council, before becoming one of the Five.

The first five Great Lords who served D'ni after King Kerath's abdication were Lord Taeri of the Guild of Messengers, Lord Hemelah of the Guild of Healers, Lord Moleth of the Guild of Caterers, Lord Kedri of the Guild of Writers, and Lord Korenen of the Guild of Analysts.

Just before the destruction of D'ni, the Great Lords were from the Guilds of Writers, Miners, Books, Ink-Makers, and Maintainers. A Great Lord could be chosen from any of the 18 major Guilds. Richard Watson gives us some extra information on this topic in this email to the Riven Lyst. ( RAWA's email)

(also compare BoT page 50 where Atrus, of the Surveyors, contemplates one day becoming one of the Five)

D'ni foods mentioned specifically so far have been chor bahkh and ikhah nijuhets, at least one of which was a meat filled roll (BoT 7), a bright red drink, milk, a granary loaf, which smelled like fresh bread, and something that smelled like hot soup. (BoT 120) Wine is mentioned in connection with the celebration of the capping ceremony for the tunnel to the surface. (BoT 51) Fruit and herbs are also mentioned. (BoA 257-8)

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