Maintainers, Guild of
The Guild of Maintainers was one of the oldest guilds, and one of the most important. They were responsible for seeing that the laws of D'ni were kept to the letter. They regularly inspected the Ages for stability and safety, and made sure that all was according to D'ni guidelines. They were responsible for destroying any Books that were found to be unstable or defective. They had the Prison Ages in their care.

The Maintainer Guild's symbol represented an unblinking eye above an open Book.

For more information please see the (DRC Gahreesen) page.

Maintainer Markers Maintainer Mark
One of the functions of the Guild of Maintainers was to find a Great Zero in each of the D'ni Ages. They may have used one of these glowing lights, which they attached to a spike that was driven into the ground, to mark the spot where the Zero was.

In D'ni on December 8, 2003, Marie Sutherland of the DRC said: The maintainer markers were small reference markers for each age

Notice the Maintainer Guild symbol on the markers. It depicts an unblinking eye over an open book.

Mararon, King
Mararon was the 6th King of D'ni. He took the throne in 997 DE at the age of 73, and died at the age of 235 in 1159 DE.

For more historical information, please see the transcript of the official DRC King Mararon Monument Book. (King Mararon Monument Book)

For basic information on D'ni mathematics, and for a chart showing the numbers, please see the D'ni Math page.

An Age well known for its production of mining machinery. This Age was the scene of a terrible disaster in 4954 DE, when an explosion caused the deaths of hundreds. (King Yableshan Monument Book)

Mechanical Age
Mechanical Age was written by Atrus. It's one of the Ages we link to from Myst Island. For more information please see the Mechanical Age Journal. (Mechanical Age)

Mechnical Age
One of the Ages written by Atrus. It should not be confused with the Mechanical Age we link to from Myst Island. For more information please see the excerpt from Atrus' Mechnical Age journal. (Mechnical Age)

Me'emen, King
Me'emen was the 28th King of D'ni. He became King in 5240 DE at the age of 83, and died in 5549 DE at the age of 392.

For more information please see the transcript of the DRC notebook on King Me'emen. (King Me'emen Notebook)

A vehicle described as a large, tracked vehicle with three long segments, a metal snout, and a transparent debris shield. It had a four man crew, and was one of the means used by the Guild of Messengers in the performance of their duties. (BoT 11-12)

Messengers, The Guild of
One of the 18 major guilds, the Guild of Messengers was responsible for delivering letters, messages, parcels, and supplies throughout the whole of the D'ni empire. (BoT 10-12)

Miners, Guild of
The Guild of Miners was first established as a minor guild during the reign of King Mararon circa 1124 DE. A paper called "Minor Guilds," written by Ti Lanar of the Guild of Legislators, convinced King Mararon to institute minor guilds for the good of the D'ni people. The Guild of Miners was among the first of these guilds to be established. For more information please see the official DRC King Mararon Monument Book.(King Mararon Monument Book)

In 2488 DE, King Naygen appointed the Guild of Miners as a Major Guild, replacing the former Guild of Fine Artists. (King Naygen Notebook)

Moleth, Lord
Lord Moleth of the Guild of Caterers became one of the first Five Great Lords of D'ni in 6977, when King Kerath abdicated the throne and gave the power of the Kings to the Guilds. (King Kerath Notebook)

Musicians, Guild of
One of the many minor guilds of D'ni. In 2488 DE, King Naygen split up the former Major Guild of Fine Artists into the Minor Guilds of Sculptors, Artists, Actors, and Musicians. The split was to encourage growth in the arts. (King Naygen Notebook)

An island Age written by Anna (also known as Ti'ana) and Catherine together. After Catherine (Katran) and Atrus escaped from Riven, the three of them made their home on Myst. (BoA 285)

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