Haemis, Master
Guild Master Haemis of the Guild of Linguists was on the study team to try to learn Anna's language when she was first captured. He was removed because he mentioned the existence of the Rehevkor, the D'ni Lexicon, to her. Apparently at that time the D'ni didn't allow other races to learn to write their language. (BoT 133)

A D'ni year, roughly equivilant to one surface year. It is divided into 10 months of 29 days each. (Cyan)

Hajihr, Master
Hajihr is mentioned as being one of an Emergency Council. It is probable that he was at least a Master of the Guild of Stone-Masons and a Council member. (BoT 253-4)

Hall, Great Hall of the Lords
A place where statues of the Great Lords of D'ni were displayed. (BoT 172)

Hamil, Grand Master
Grand Master of the Guild of Messengers. (BoT 195)

Assistant to Guild Master Kedri of the Legislators. (BoT 167)

Harvest Ages
The Harvest Worlds were Guild Ages. Also called granary worlds. Two of these were Er'duna and Er'jerah. (BoT 41)

"The Books they used were specialized books, much less restrictive than the ordinary books. They had to be to take the great loads that were regularly brought back from those Ages." -Gehn (BoA 114)

Healers, The Guild of Healers
The Guild of Healers was one of the 18 major guilds of D'ni. They were the medical practitioners of the D'ni, working both with patients and doing research in the medical field.

A D'ni word by which the Rivenese called Gehn's rifle.

A modern shortened form of the word Ahyoheek. Please see the entry under Ahyoheek for more information about the game.

Hemelah, Great Lord
Lord Hemelah of the Guild of Healers became one of the first Five Great Lords of D'ni in 6977, when King Kerath abdicated the throne and gave the power of the Kings to the Guilds. (King Kerath Notebook)

Hemelin, King
The 13th King of D'ni. Hemelin took the throne after the death of his nephew King Behnashiren who had died of a plague that was afflicting D'ni.

For more information please see the Birenni page at the DRC website. ( Birenni )

Henderson, Phil
A former associate of the DRC who went missing in September of 2002. He returned more than a year later, a changed man according to those who knew him before his disappearance. Mr. Henderson spoke of having taken a journey, a journey which some of us have also taken, but he claimed to have seen things which we may not have seen.

For more information, please see the DRC site , and read the articles in Issue 2 of the Echo. The Echo

Herelding Age
One of the Ages written by Atrus. For more information please see the excerpt from Atrus' Herelding Age journal. (Herelding Age)

High Council
The Government of D'ni was comprised of the Council, the High Council, and the Five Great Lords, all members of the 18 major Guilds. At the head of the government were the Five Great Lords, men who had each served as the Grand Masters of their Guilds. These Five also sat upon the High Council, which included all the current Grand Masters from each of the 18 major Guilds. (BoT 113) All 23 members of the High Council also belonged to the largest group, the Council, which was comprised of Guild Masters elected to the honor by other members of their Guilds. Altogether the Council had more than 360 members. (BoT 93, 198)

Hinahsh, Lord
Lord Hinahsh was Grand Master of the Guild of Caterers, and sat on the High Council of D'ni. He received the Age of Teledahn as a gift from his very good friend, Grand Master Mararon of the Guild of Writers, who wrote the Age for him in the year 8990. See also the Teledahn page. (Teledahn)

Lord Hinahsh died in the year 9005 at about 265 years of age.

Information about the D'ni Holidays can be found on the official DRC Organization's web site in their D'ni Essentials section under the Culture heading. (D'ni Essentials)

An old man, a native of Riven. (BoA 224)

A space below the floors of a building through which hot air was piped in order to warm the rooms above. (BoD 98)

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