One of the Ages found in D'ni by the DRC. (DRC Ages)

Wife of King Hemelin, 13th King of D'ni. Lalen met King Hemelin when he was dying from the plague that was then afflicting the D'ni. It is said that love for Lalen gave King Hemelin the will to live.

It was Lalen who discovered evidence of old Books belonging to the Guild of Healers and information leading to their rediscovery. One of these lost Ages contained a plant that eventually provided the cure to the plague. Lalen and Hemelin were married on the day that the defeat of the plague was officially declared.

For more information please see the Birenni page at the DRC website. ( Birenni )

language, the D'ni language
I am primarily an Archivist, and not a Linguist, so I do not have a dedicated page for the D'ni language, but you will find some D'ni words listed separately in the Reference. I have only included words which I have seen Richard Watson authenticate. The examples of D'ni words you will find here is by no means a complete list.

For further information about the D'ni language, please investigate the links to other sources I have gathered on my Community page under the D'ni Language sites heading. See particularly the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship for many language resources in one site.

D'ni law was made by the Council, recorded by the Guild of Legislators, and enforced by the Guild of Maintainers, with assistance from the City Guard.

The penalty for making illicit Ages was to be expelled from your Guild, lose privileges of public service, and possibly be incarcerated on a Prison Age. (BoT 220)

Legislators, Guild of
The Guild of Legislators was one of the 18 major guilds of D'ni. They were responsible for recording the minutes of Council meetings, hearings, guild committees and tribunals, and keeping the records of private official communications between Guild Masters. Six thousand years of records were stored in The Great Library of Legislation in the guild Age of Gadar. (BoT 167-8)

A high official on the royal staff of King Shomat. (Shomat Story)

Aged advisor to Veovis, and his father and grandfather before him. (BoT 49)

Library of Legislation
The Great Library of Legislation on the guild Age of Gadar contained a mass of information stretching back over six thousand years. The handwritten minutes of Council meetings and hearings, of guild committees and tribunals, and endless shelves of private communications between Guild Masters. (BOT 168)

Life Expectancy
The D'nian life expectancy is roughly 325 Earth years. (Cyan FAQ)

Traveling from one Age to another by means of a Linking Book.

A linking book will always take you to the same place it was written. (Cyan FAQ)

"You cannot link to another location in the Age you are in. That is impossible." -Gehn (BoA 126) (see also BoT 244-5)

For more information about Linking and The Art of Writing Ages, please see my Linking Facts page. (Linking Facts)

Linking Book Linking Book
A Book that transports you from one Age to another. You may make as many Linking Books as you want to for an age. They will continue to work as long as the Descriptive Book of the Age they are associated with remains unharmed. A Linking Book will always return you to the place in which it was written.

"Each Linking Book refers to one of the larger descriptive books, to one specific book. You might say that it contains the essence of the larger book - certain phrases and words that fuses it to that book and no other. But that is not all. For a Linking Book to work, it must also include an accurate description of the place one wishes to link to. And so a Linking Book is, in a sense, a working substitute for a descriptive book." -Gehn (BoA 124)

"If the descriptive book is changed, then all the Linking books associated with it will link to the changed world." -Gehn (BoA 125)

Please keep in mind that Gehn was largely self-taught, and that he had certain mental instabilities. His understanding of the D'ni, and of the Art of Writing and making Descriptive and Linking books isn't entirely accurate.

For more information about Linking and The Art of Writing Ages, please see my Linking Facts page. (Linking Facts)

Linking Stone
Sometimes called a Bahro Linking Stone. A slab of stone with a cloth depicting a destination adhered to it. When you touch the picture, you link to the destination. These stones are hidden are in various places. The cloth on them seems similar to that in the Journey Cloths.

For more information please see the Linking Facts page. (Linking Facts)

Loshemanesh, King
The 23rd King of D'ni. Little is currently known about this King. Mention of some of the laws he passed during his reign is made in the DRC notebook on King Demath. (King Demath Notebook)

Loshemanesh Laws
During the reign of King Demath, the 25th King of D'ni, the laws passed by King Loshemanesh dealing with non-D'ni persons came to be known as the Loshemanesh Laws. King Demath added to these and used the Relyimah to help the Maintainers enforce them. For more information please see the King Demath notebook (King Demath Notebook)

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