King Asemlef Notebook

This notebook is red with "Sam" written on the cover. It is found on one of the tables on the roof of the Tokota building, on the island of Ae'gura in D'ni.

King Asemlef

Took the throne in 5999 DE at the age of 54.

Asemlef inherited a people who were philosophically confused (The Watcher vs. Gish Vs. The Great King/Tevahr), but technologically advancing (many great construction, mining, and scientific inventions), expanding within the cavern at a great rate, and moving toward diminishing the involvement of the outsiders within their culture. As well as fighting that had scarred their past was at a minimum*.

Asemlef continued the peaceful trends by attempting to isolate no one, but instead welcoming everyone and any beliefs they might have had.

It seems, he took no stance on any of the religious ideologies being passed around and allowed any and all religious factions equal access to property, government help etc.

While disregarding no beliefs, he was able to hold his own some of which were unknown to D'ni up to that point. Though never stated publicly by Asemlef, common opinion, and historical records, point toward numerous servants being used by Asemlef, most brought from outside Ages. More so were the apparent challenges Asemlef held with these "servants". Details were hard to find, but it seems as though these challenges ranged from hunts, by Asemlef himself, to gladiator style battles between the servants. It should be noted that regardless of what actions occurred, there was little public outcry against them.

Instead of philosophical or religious beliefs, Asemlef instead focused on mining expansion, construction of the new districts and offering equal opportunities of culture and social benefits to all classes. As far as outside involvement, Asemlef publicly argued that the order from his father to all of the Guilds was not realistic and that outside involvement would always be needed to some extent. Knowing the comment would anger some of the factions, he became the first King to publicly invite the more extreme factions (who wanted no outside involvement) to his palace for numerous talks on the issues. Though no decisions were made in the meetings, the meetings themselves apparently calmed the factions and created a better overall feeling that the two could come to a decision in the future.

Around the same time two key Writers from the Writer's Guild left to join the Writer's of Yahvo*. Up to that point the group, who believed it was their duty to write the perfect Age*, had been relatively small.

Like the Writer's of Yahvo, most of the popular factions or cults of the day focused on Yahvo in one way or another. The old cults (such as The Tree and Sacred Stone) had vanished for the most part leaving way to disagreements in the beliefs of Yahvo for the most part.

Asemlef passed away in 6284 DE at the age of 339 leaving the throne to his third (and youngest) son.

*From "The Line of Kerah" written by Fhal in 6985

*Worth mentioning as the Writer's of Yahvo would eventually become one of the three largest sects in all of D'ni

*After the Judgement Age, most of D'ni believed one would either end up in the Perfect Age or Vakooth's Age. Obviously, most wanted to live in the Perfect Age but there were, of course, a variety of beliefs on how that was accomplished

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