The events in Myst: The Book of D'ni, (BoD), take place about 70 years from the fall of D'ni, and almost 40 years after Gehn imprisoned Atrus on K'veer. (BoD 5)

Synopsis of The Book of D'ni

Research into the D'ni culture has unearthed certain vague legends of prophesies given by the nameless Great King. Here are the prophesies that were revealed in Myst: The Book of D'ni.

The D'ni Prophesies

Addarren Ro'Addarren
Chief advisor to the last king of the Terahnee. He died of the plague. (BoD 242)

The D'ni word for outworlder, a person not of D'ni or Terahnee blood, who lived on one of the Ages to which the D'ni and Terahnee linked. (BoD 33) The Terahnee falsely believed that book-worlders could not write Ages. (BoD 200)

A young native girl of the Age of Averone, whom Marrim taught, and who eventually chose to live as the D'ni and learn their ways. (BoD 54, 311)

Anchor Rock
A large promontory of rock on the Age of Chroma'Agana. (BoD 40)

(1) The grandmother of Atrus, also known as Ti'ana. Anna had been dead for nearly 30 years when the events in BoD took place. She had lived happily with Catherine and Atrus until her death. (BoD 34, 37) For more information, please see the entry for Ti'ana in the D'ni Desk Reference.

(2) Daughter of Marrim and Eedrah. (BoT 318)

Formed from the words anti, meaning against, and logic, an antilogy is contradiction in ideas, statements or terms. (Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

In Terahnee antilogies were large structures in the landscape that reflected an idea as a work of art. Each district had three or four, and it is said that the King had a great park full of them. (BoD 165)

A lush and beautiful Age of huge trees and peaceful lakes, the Descriptive Book of which was found by Atrus and his people in D'ni during their search for survivors. (BoD 88, 89)

An undamaged D'ni Age discovered after the destruction. It was inhabited by dangerous beasts, possibly the results of specially imported hunting prey that escaped and multiplied. One of Atrus' explorers met his death there. (BoD 58-63)

An Age written by Atrus where he and Catherine recruited some young people to help them break out of the room on K'veer to access the rest of D'ni. The elders of Averone agreed to allow the young people to go with Atrus and help with the rebuilding, provided they returned often to teach the Averonese children what they had learned. (BoD 15, 22-3, 311)

One of the leaders of the relyimah. He was killed trying to stop Ymur from taking control of Terahnee after the plague. (BoD 250, 295)

The D'ni word for beast. (BoD 199)

Terahnee word translated as "beast-people", refering to the otherworlders whom they had cruelly enslaved. See also ahrotahntee. (BoD 198-201)

An age, the Book of which was found in the guild district of Jaren in D'ni, in which some D'ni survived the destruction. (BoD 36, 41)

A native of Averone who went with Atrus to rebuild D'ni. (BoD 16)

An Age very much like Myst, written by Atrus, in which he and Catherine lived after they returned from Riven. (BoD 17, 22)

The matching of world and place in writing an Age allowed one to link anywhere in time.

"These Ages are worlds that do exist, or have existed, or shall. Providing the description fits, there is no limitation of time and space. The link is made regardless." (Passed from Aitrus to Anna to Atrus) (BoD 39)

An artificially made D'ni stone, jet-black, lightweight, and extremely durable. Not quite as hard as nara, but able to take tremendous punishment. (BoD 84-87)

The D'ni word for hope and the new name for the Age of Terahnee after the liberation of the relyimah. (BoD 309)

A P'aarli servant of the Terahnee govenor, Ro'Jadre. (BoD 177, 224)

The younger son of Jethhe Ro'Jethhe, a Terahnee landowner. (BoD 155, 199, 211-213, 253-4, 260-1) He lived on the family estate with his father and mother, his elder brother, and at least three sisters, until their deaths from the plague. (BoD 238) He was called Renyaloth, "the sickly one," by the relyimah, whom he befriended. (BoD 239) He married Marrim, and went with Atrus and the D'ni survivors to Tomahna to rebuild the D'ni culture. He and Marrim had a daughter named Anna. (BoD 311, 318)

Environmental Verification suit
Also called an E.V. suit, the Environmental Verification suit was made and used by the Guild of Maintainers to check the Ages for safety. It was constructed of jet-black deretheni stone, with special hydraulics for a small degree of flexibility, a helmet with polarized visor, and gloves into which specially constructed linking books were inserted that could be set on a timer to bring back the occupant of the suit, conscious or not, alive or dead. Please see the Book of D'ni for a more detailed description. (BoD 84-85)

Son of one of the D'ni survivors from the Age of Bilaris, his father had been a Master of the Archivists. He, with his brother Oma, was a self-taught historian, studying the language and culture of the D'ni. He readily joined in the restoration. (BoD 70)

Wife of Gadren. She survived the destruction of D'ni in the family's Age of Aridanu. (BoD 91)

A guildsman who had survived the destruction of D'ni in his family's Age of Aridanu. He and the people of the Age readily joined Atrus in rebuilding the D'ni empire. (BoD 89-91)

The original homeland from which the Terahnee and the D'ni had split off. (BoD 308)

A revered leader of the relyimah. (BoD 250-2) Also called Jidar N'ram (BoD 275, 310)

A native of Averone who was trained by Atrus and Catherine and who went with Atrus to help rebuild the D'ni culture. (BoD 35) Gavas linked to an Age called Sedona for two seconds in a protective Environmental Verification suit, only to find that the world had gone nova. He barely survived within the suit and was sent home to Averone to recover. (BoD 82-87)

A district in Terahnee. (BoD 239)

One of the elders on Averone. It was he who brought the news that they had decided to allow their young people to go with Catherine and Atrus to help rebuild D'ni. (BoD 21)

Guild Symbols
The Guild Symbol for the Guild of Maintainers is an unblinking eye above an open book. (BoD 84) The symbol for the Guild of Writers is a pen nib and a book. (Cyan)

Hadre Ro'Jethhe
Elder son of Jethhe Ro'Jethhe, a Terahnee landowner. He died of the plague. (BoD 138-9, 234)

The place where the relyimah were brought into Terahnee from the Training Ages. (BoD 287-290)

Hedrath Ro'Hedrath
The next neighbor of Jethhe Ro'Jethhe on Terahnee. Their sons were educated together. (BoD 153)

A leader of the relyimah.(BoD 207-8)

Horen Ro'Jadre
Terahnee Governor of the district of Ni'Ediren. (BoD 157)

A space below the floors of a building through which hot air was piped in order to warm the rooms above. (BoD 98)

A native of Averone who was trained by Atrus and Catherine and who helped to rebuild the D'ni culture. (BoD 8, 15 as examples)

A P'aarli servant of the Terahnee landowner, Jethhe Ro'Jethhe. (BoD 142)

A Guild district in D'ni where Atrus' grandfather and his family had once lived. (BoD 31)

A type of tree found on Averone. The wood was used in building. (BoD 16)

A 90 year old D'ni survivor who had been a cadet in the Guild of Miners when D'ni fell. He joined in the rebuilding of the D'ni culture. (BoD 96)

Juurtyri Ro'Hedrath
The son of Hedrath Ro'Hedrath, the neighboring landowner of Jethhe Ro'Jethhe. He and Hadre and Eerdrah Ro'Jethhe shared a tutor when they were young. (BoD 153)

A P'aarli servant of the Terahnee landowner, Jethhe Ro'Jethhe. (BoD 142)

A district in D'ni, named after the last King, Kerath, where boatmen, traders, innkeepers lived. A'Gaeris lived there after he was expelled from his Guild. (BoD 30)

King's Cut
A massive channel of water which ran through broad avenues of beautiful mansions leading to the palace of the King of Terahnee.

King, The Great King
The Great King, who remains nameless, was said to have been able to connect Time to Time and see the future, as the D'ni could connect Age to Age, forging the links that let them pass from one Age to another. (BoD 317)

Korokh Jimah
"The Book of Prophecies." (BoD 258)

A female native of Averone whom Atrus and Catherine had recruited to help with the restoration of the D'ni culture. She apprenticed to the Guild of Stonemasons, and was trained to write Ages by Atrus. She married Eedrah of the Terahnee and they had a daughter whom they named Anna. (BoD 15, 80, 318)

A native of Averone who died during an expedition to Aurack, while searching for lost survivors of D'ni. (BoD 35, 61-3)

A district in D'ni. (BoD 31)

Son of one of the D'ni survivors from Bilaris, his father had been a Master of the Archivists. He, along with his brother Esel, was a self-taught historian. He studied languages and D'ni history, seeking to understand and preserve their heritage. He readily joined in the restoration. (BoD 70)

Oreadoran Oaks
The tall trees growing on the Age of Chroma'Agana. (BoD 38)

The stewards of the Terahnee who controlled the slaves. P'aarli were smaller and more stockily built than Terahnee. They were natives of one of the Book Ages. They had silver hair like fine wire, which they wore swept back from their faces and tied in a tight bunch at their necks. They wore long flowing cloaks of soft wine-red cloth and had two vertical purple stripes beneath their right ears. (BoD 142)

"The Great Steward," leader of the P'aarli. (BoD 277-8, 282, 286)

There are prophesies written in between the chapters in the Book of D'ni. They are thought to have originated with the Great King, but are so old that their history is clouded. The D'ni Prophesies

The unseen slaves of the Terahnee. Even after the plague they numbered in excess of 2 billion. (BoD 205, 264)

This word means unseen in the D'ni language, and may have meant the same in the Terahnee language, which has a common origin in the Ronay people of Garternay, the original home of both the D'ni and the Terahnee.

"The sickly one." The nickname of Eedrah Ro'Jethhe among the relyimah. (BoD 239)

A district in Terahnee. (BoD 282)

Ro'Eh Ro'Dan
The last King of the Terahnee. (BoD 178, 188, 234, 272)

An ancient world which had gone nova, the book of which was found in the ruins of D'ni by Atrus and his people. (BoD 82-87)

Slave Ages
The Terahnee maintained Ages from which they stole children to raise as slaves. The children were taken at 4 or 5 years of age to Training Ages, where they were trained under conditions of barbaric cruelty. (BoD 211-13, 223) They were brought into Terahnee first to a place called He'Darra. (BoD 288-290)

A guildsman of the Guild of Stonemasons who survived the destruction of D'ni in one of the Ages. (BoD 67)

Tanaren Ro'Tanaren
A Terahnee landowner with whom Atrus and his party stayed on their journey to see the King. (BoD 183,4)

Temple of The Great King
The Temple of the Great King was found, hidden and sealed, beneath the old Ink-Maker's Guild Hall by the restoration workers as they were trying to rebuild D'ni. (BoD 73, 101)

An ancient Age, the Book of which Atrus and those trying to rebuild D'ni found sealed in the Temple of the Great King. (BoD 110) Terahnee's two hundred million citizens (BoD 147, 203, 264) were ruled by a king, supported by a council of advisers, under which were the district governors. (BoD 147) Government officials wore cloaks and pendants of office. (BoD 232) It was a D'ni stomach bacteria, harmless to the D'ni, that spread like a plague through Terahnee, killing the majority of its citizens. (BoD 229, 237)

Tergahn, Master
An elderly guildsman who happened to be passing a private house when the destruction befell D'ni. He was invited in and took refuge in the homeowner's private Age of Aridanu, where he waited 70 years until Atrus came to call the survivors back to rebuild. (BoD 91, 93-95, 104)

The place where Atrus and his family lived after the events in the Book of D'ni took place. (BoD 318)

A P'aarli servant of the Terahnee govenor, Ro'Jadre. (BoD 177)

A relyimah of 7 or 8 years old who survived the plague and died at the hand of Ymur, whom he killed to keep him from killing all the D'ni and setting himself up as King. (BoD 220, 236, 256, 300)

Daughter of Atrus and Catherine. Born after Catherine's rescue from Riven, and their adventures in Terahnee. (BoD 318)

One of the relyimah slaves of the Terahnee who rose up in revolt against his masters, seeking not freedom, but to supplant them and rule in their stead, proving himself every bit as bad as they. (BoD 238, 249, 252-3, 285, 300)

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