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This page contains information about the game of Myst III: Exile, created by Presto Studios, Inc., published by Game Studios, Inc., a division of UbiSoft under a license from the original creators of Myst, Cyan, Inc.

The entries on this page contain information from the game perspective. For real life game info, please visit the FAQ.

Transcripts of the character speeches in Myst III: Exile. The things that Atrus, Catherine and Saavedro say in the game.

Myst III: Exile Speech Transcripts

Transcripts of the written Journals found in Myst III: Exile.

Myst III: Exile Journals

Younger son of Atrus and Catherine, their second child. You can see his picture on the right side of the folding picture frame on Atrus desk in his study on Tomahna.

The Age of Amateria was written by Atrus to demonstrate the principles of Dynamic Forces. "Dynamic forces spur change." Amateria is rich in special crystals that Atrus uses for various purposes.

Atrus Atrus
Son of Gehn, grandson of Aitrus, father of Sirrus, Achenar, and Yeesha. Atrus was a very talented writer of Ages. This photo was taken in his study on the Age of Tomahna.

(see also Atrus' Family Tree)

Aurora Blossom
A large flower native to the Age of Edanna. The plant has a lens of hardened sap through which light can be focused like a magnifying glass.

Barnacle Moss
A green moss studded with buds that double in size when a squee chirps at it.

Atrus' wife, mother of Sirrus, Achenar, and Yeesha. Catherine, whose Rivenese name is Katran, was born on the Age of Riven. This photo was taken in the Sun Room on Tomahna with her infant daughter, Yeesha. (BoA 228)

Corkscrew Cattail
A tall spiraling plant native to the Age of Edanna which can be used as a means of access between levels.

Deadwood Ridge
The uppermost level of the Age of Edanna, home of the colorful Grossamery bird.

Called the Life Age, or the Nature Age. Edanna was written by Atrus to demonstrate the principle that "nature encourages mutual dependence."

Electra Ray
Native to the Age of Edanna, the Electra Ray lives in Quaffler Fig plants.

J'nanin, called the Lesson Age, is the Age you travel to through the linking book which Saavedro dropped in Atrus' study on Tomahna.

Lambent Orchid
Found in the forest level of the Age of Edanna, this is another of the exotic lens flowers. The petals of the Lambent Orchid are highly reflective.

Lens Blossom
A giant flower found on the upper levels of the Age of Edanna. The Blossom has a lens of hardened sap through which you can see distant things more closely.

Middle Ridge
Your arrival point in Edanna, Middle Ridge is home to Lens Blossoms, Corkscrew Cattails, and Quaffler Figs, among other fascinating things.

Nara is the hardest of D'ni stones, metallic greenish-black in color, and 30 times the density of steel. It was made in huge fusion-compounders that formed it into cylinders for temporary storage. When enough cylinders were available, they were loaded into a sprayer, which, like a large pressure-oven, burned away the cylinders and melted the nara so it could be used. (BoT 23-4, 40)

"The machine reconstitutes the very matter of the rock, reforging its atomic links and thereby reducing its volume by a factor of two hundred. The result is nara." -Aitrus (BoT 17)

Narayan is a unique water world which demonstrates the principle that "balanced systems stimulate civilization."

Narayan language
Some of the Narayan language can be heard in the theme music for Exile. The sound track has the Narayan phrase "J'nanin - Locusani, degraca-sul, de yamani..." translated as "J'nanin - Breeding ground of lost souls..."

The only examples of Narayan writing that we have are found on the tapestries on Narayan, and the numbers Saavedro used in his journal. Visit Gandalf's site for a complete list of the symbols. Click the link in the left frame for the flash pop-up.

Nemel Lotus
A huge plant found in the Swamp level of the Age of Edanna. This plant contains the succulent fruits the mother Grossamery feeds her hatchling.

The observatory is the name of the upper room in the large tusk on J'nanin.

reflection pole
The reflection poles are found at various points on J'nanin and are used to direct beams of light. The light starts at the light gun, which captures and reflects sunlight onto the focusing lens. The lens sends the beam of light to the first reflection pole. The light is reflected from pole to pole, until it can be sent to the prism lens, which splits the beam into a color spectrum that falls on a lock on the door of the energy tusk. Using the right combination will unlock the door.

The new Age which Atrus wrote for the D'ni survivors, in which they could rebuild their civilization. When Atrus realized that someone had been in his study on Tomahna, he had nara locks made for some of his Descriptive Books. The bands covering the Releeshahn Book were to prevent anyone tampering with the writing or using its linking panel.

The Age of Riven was Catherine's home world. You can see the Descriptive Book for the Age on a pedestal in Atrus' study on Tomahna. For more information about Riven, visit the Riven Reference.

A native of the Age of Narayan, Saavedro and his people were victims of the cruelty of Sirrus and Achenar.

Older son of Atrus and Catherine, the eldest of their three children. Sirrus' picture is in the left side of the folding picture frame on Atrus' desk in his study on Tomahna.

A small creature indigenous to the Age of Edanna, but also found on J'nanin.

A Guildsman of the Stonemasons in old D'ni before the Fall, he survived in one of the Ages that escaped contamination, and went back to rebuild D'ni when Atrus and his party gathered the survivors. (BoD 67)

Text and picture of the letter which Atrus wrote to Tamon.

The Age that Atrus wrote for his family to live in after the events recorded in the Book of D'ni took place. (BoD 318)

The name Tomahna is derived from the D'ni term eder tomahn, a rest house or way station, a place to rest while traveling. (BoA 66)

The Energy Age. Atrus wrote the Age of Voltaic to demonstrate the qualities and uses of natural forms of energy. "Energy powers future motion."

Daughter of Atrus and Catherine. Yeesha is their third child, their only daughter. (BoD 318)

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