Another way to keep track of details. It's not fancy, and it's definitely a work in progress. I'll continue to fill in details as I sort them out and verify them.

207 BE
Ri'neref born on Garternay

73 BE
Ri'neref dismissed from the Guild of Writers for refusing the order from his Grand Master to write an Age which violated his moral principles

*Ri'neref began working on the Book of D'ni after his dismissal from the Guild of Writers.

59 BE*
Circa 59 BE the fact that Garternay was dying was confirmed and the information made public

0 DE
The D'ni people start their calendar with a zero year

Great Zero monument built on Ae'gura

1 DE*
Ri'neref became the first King of D'ni at the age of 207

8 DE*
Guild of Writer's buildings completed. (8th year after coming to D'ni)

48 DE
Construction began on a temple to Yahvo

63 DE
Temple to Yahvo, known as the Regeltovokum, completed

84 DE
Construction and installation of massive shafts and fans for air circulation in D'ni was begun

100 DE
The first 18 Major Guilds of D'ni were dedicated to Yahvo on The Day of the Circle

114 DE
Construction and installed of massive air circulation system completed

Numerous records point to a small group of D'ni disappearing after the completion of the air circulation system. It was assumed that they remained upon the surface of Earth

120 DE
King Ri'neref died at age 327

Ailesh became 2nd King at age 170

233 DE
Common Library finished during reign of King Ailesh

300 DE
King Ailesh died at age 350

Shomat became 3rd King at age 44

347 DE
King Shomat's palace was completed

387 DE
Both of King Shomat's brothers disappeared. It was commonly presumed that Shomat brought about their deaths

400 DE
A prophetess was chosen to assist King Shomat. The choosing of prophetesses as guides for the Kings began with Shomat and became a tradition for all the remaining Kings of D'ni

555 DE*
King Shomat died at age 299

600 DE
Construction began on the duplicate of the Arch of Kings (Ja'kreen Monument Book)

625 DE
A duplicate of the Garternay Arch of Kings was completed in D'ni. Thereafter every king began his reign by sailing under the Arch (DRC site; Ja'kreen Monument Book)

997 DE
Mararon became 6th King at age 73

1124 DE
King Mararon restructured the Common Schools, and instituted the first of the minor guilds.

1159 DE
King Mararon died at age 235

1323 DE
Ahlsendar, son of King Koreen, born under the Arch of Kings as his family fled an attack by the Pento upon D'ni

1352 DE
Ahlsendar became 8th King at age 29*

During his reign Ahlsendar ended the Pento War and came to be called The Great King

1817 DE
Me'Erta suggested that the line of the Great Zero was inaccurate

2356 DE
Naygen became 14th King at age 86

2397 DE
Marks the start of the D'ni Renaissance

2397 DE
Eamis Theatre Company hosted the first play written by the playwright Sirreh

2408 DE
The musician Airem became renound. His work sometimes ridiculed the Great King

2488 DE
First successful extrusion tests carried out by Guild of Miners

King Naygen made the Guild of Minors a major guild, replacing the Guild of Fine Artists. The Guild of Fine Artists became the Minor Guilds of Sculptors, Artists, Actors, and Musicians

2502 DE
Construction began on a new Council Chamber for the Guilds. As King Naygen had proposed, it was built over the top of the tomb of the Great King, which then became barely visible

2533 DE
King Naygen died at age 263

2535 DE
A play written by Sirreh about King Naygen entitled "Our Great King" was first performed by the Minor Guild of Actors

2840 DE
The painter Fahlee was born. (DRC)

3112 DE
Rakeri announced that the original line of the Great Zero was accurate and should be honored again

3123 DE
The painter Fahlee died. (DRC)

4692 DE
Demath became the 25th King at age 154

4721 DE
King Demath passed an amendment that forced the Major Guilds to accept a percentage of students who passed all entrance exams but could not afford the steep prices for guild education

4784 DE
An unsuccessful assassination attempt against King Demath

4815 DE*
Goshan, leader of the cult "Blood of Yahvo," was imprisoned by King Demath

4826 DE
The first of the Guild of Stone Masons non-paying members headed the effort to devise early fusion-compounding technology, a building block for the eventual development of Nara

4843 DE
King Demath died at age 305

Yableshan became 26th King at age 100

4865 DE
The cult "Blood of Yahvo" kidnapped Yableshan's first son from the Guild of Chemists. Though their demands were met, they killed the boy

Under duress, King Yableshan released Goshan, leader of the cult "Blood of Yahvo," from his Prison Age

It became clear that there were untrustworthy members in the Relyimah. It was suspected that even members of the dangerous cult, "Blood of Yahvo" had infiltrated the group

4889 DE
Remodels for the 18 Major Guild halls was announced. Some of Ri'neref's original restrictions on building where changed and the guidelines became more liberal

4901 DE
King Yableshan announced plans for a new Common Library to be located in the middle-class Vamen District of D'ni

4910 DE
King Yableshan announced plans for a new park to be built on Neref Island

4914 DE
The Guild of Writers placed three new Recreation Ages within the park on Nererf Island in celebration of the completion of their new Guild

The Guild of Writers newly remodeled guild facilities were completed

4954 DE
Explosion on the Age of Meanas killing 400 outsiders and 78 D'ni

5043 DE
Yableshan placed Faresh in charge of the Guild of Illusionists, and ordered him to find out who was crippling the Relyimah

*Faresh began construction of a house of illusions on one of the private islands in D'ni

5081 DE
King Yableshan died at age 347

5240 DE
Me'emen became 28th King of D'ni at age 83

5307 DE
The Guilds of Miners and Stone Masons revealed that Nara had been created in the laboratory

5312 DE
Plague in D'ni, probably originating in the Age of Yasefe. Quickly handled by the Guild of Healers, it led to greater safety precautions for the industrial districts

5359 DE
The second of the great digging machines, Stone Tooth, was built

5473 DE
The Guild of Maintainers announced the discovery of Deretheni, which could be used to make suits more protective of Maintainers, thus allowing the Guild of Writers to be a bit more liberal in their writing, and ushering in a new breed of Age

5475 DE
Construction began on the new industrial section called Uran

5540 DE*
King Me'emen's only son, Ashem, died from a disease which he seemed to have contracted while visiting a newly Written Age

5541 DE*
Name of Uran district changed to Ashem'en to honor the son of King Me'emen

5549 DE
King Me'emen died at age 392

5500 DE
The district of Uran began operation. It was much further from the city and was considered much safer than the old district, Nehv'eril

5999 DE
Asemlef became 31st King at age 54

Besharen wrote "Revealing the Unseen"

6284 DE
King Asemlef died at age 339

6730* DE
at age 23* King Rikooth's son, Kerath, was banished from D'ni

6731 DE
Leevofo 27, Kerath became 34th and last King of D'ni at age 54

6970 DE
Construction began on a new Guild Hall that further buried the Tomb of the Great King

6977 DE
King Kerath abdicated the throne.

The time of the Kings ended; the Guild system of government, the Age of Lords, began.

Some time after 6977 the Arch of Kings was renamed Kerath's Arch

6985 DE*
Kerath died at age 308

Fhal wrote "The Line of Kerah" (King Asemlef Notebook)

7201 DE
Jamen wrote "How They Came; A Detailed Look at what started the Mee-Dis War"

8100's DE
Eder Gira, Eder Kemo among Ages written during this era

8500* DE
Special unit of the Maintainers formed to advance new technologies, based in Gahreesen Age

8990 DE
Teledahn written by Grand Master Mararon of the Guild of Writers for his good friend and fellow member of the High Council Lord Hinahsh. (DRC site)

9005 DE
Grand Master Hinahsh died

Teledahn Age given to the Guild of Caterers

9396 DE
Investigation started concerning slave trading by Manesmo, then owner of Teledahn Age

9390's DE*
Guild Master Kadish wrote the Age of Kadish Tolesa


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